Tips for choosing your bathroom tiles

It is obvious that many factors will come into your head when you decide to renovate or create a bathroom in your house. Do not worry, here are some tips to help you tackle your overwhelming choice and make your decision easier.

  1. Choose the design

There are 2 main types for every bathroom: a shower or bath tub, sometimes you can combine them to have both. In the first step, you need to choose a design that you love or come up with a typical design in your mind which is suitable with the size of the bathroom. With a small size room, it is necessary to keep design as simple as you can to make the space look bigger.

  1. Choose your main type

The main tile will set up the theme for your space so you can relate to the tone of the house or create a new theme for this room.  Two keys factors that play important roles in your decision will be the quality, and size of tiles. To be more specific, tiles with higher quality can remain the look for longer time than the lower quality, also thicker and more expensive. Most of the time, you will get what will pay for.

Besides, you probably should consider the finish of tiles including matte, polished. It is more safety for family member if you get the non-slippery one. Alice-wall-floor-porcelain-tile

  1. Second tile

There should be more than one type of tile for bathroom space. Based on the main type, you can choose the second one in order to highlight your focus point. You can consider mosaic or smaller tiles for wall decoration.


  1. Be creative

There are various textures or patterns for tiles in the market. So, take your time to choose that right one since you might use that space for ages. The most favorite bathroom look currently is natural stone look; you also want to consider wood look, glass or marble look.

room-scene-e1490971508127 (1)

  1. Consider your feeling

There is a saying that “Home is where your heart belongs”. The purpose of bathroom is beyond personal needs, it is a place where you can relax after a long day or a space that can create your positive attitude towards the day. Therefore, make sure that your new bathroom can satisfy your feeling.

I hope these tips could help you in making decisions. For your information, in TileSolutions we have sample services as well as professional staffs who willing to give you helpful advises for your case.

enterance mm0053232

How to choose Medallions tile for your home?

In the first months of 2018, Medallion tiles have proved itself as a popular trend on social websites including Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook… The popular tiles can be applied on any surfaces including wall, kitchen floor or living room and hallways, literally anywhere you want. This typical tile usually comes with square or round shape and various patterns.


By installing Medallions in the entryways or hallways, homeowner can create positive impressions whenever the guest steps into the house. Instead of plain marble or simple design, this piece of art offers a huge range of selection with a vintage and elegant look for your space.enterance mm0053232

Focal point for an open space

If you are the one that always look for something special and remarkable for your house then you can create a center point in living room with Medallion. It offers decoration for your house, a masterpiece that will stay a lifetime.pm1113232

Things to notice when applying Medallions

As a general rule, the size of diameter of medallion should be suitable with your wall décor or furniture in the room.  To keep a balanced look for a medium size room, the proportions of medallion size and the empty space should be carefully considered.

There are many types and shapes of Medallions; therefore, it is important to choose the one that fit your house décor or your style. The Medallions which coordinated with your wall colors will bring a vintage and upscale look for your home.

petrified wood beige porcelain tile

Tips and Tricks on Pairing Tiles

Tiles are becoming a popular choice in all areas of the home with the rise in technology creating more sophisticated coverings like wood-effect tiles and stone-effect tiles. The difficulty with all these options is how to make them work together. Because tiling a large space requires a sizable investment, it’s worth getting samples and experimenting how various tiles work together. These tips offer guidance on pairing tiles for the best look.

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forest black wood tile

The Tile Effect

Finding the right flooring for your home is tough, especially when you have pets and kids running around the house! While many flooring options are available these days tiles have stood the test of time. Hardy, waterproof and easy to maintain, porcelain tiles are fast becoming the material of choice throughout the home. That’s very largely due to advances in inkjet technology, which now offer the ability to create numerous designs, patterns, shapes and sizes.

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stone veneer

Classic Trends: Stone Veneer

Who doesn’t love a rustic, warm living room with the perfect stone veneer to complement their fireplace? This decorative, earthy covering accents many interior and exterior wall coverings.

What is stone veneer you may ask? Well, it is simply a synthetic cladding product that replicates the appearance of natural stone. Stone veneers are low-cost, easy to install and durable, which makes them the perfect candidate to complement your fireplace or any appropriate wall space inside or outside of your home.

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Cave Pietrasanta Mosaic Tile and Backsplash

Tile Trends for 2017

This year at Cersaie, a leading flooring tradeshow, tile suppliers revealed the upcoming tile trends for 2017. Fresh styles emerged as materials were combined together in ways never done before. Traditional stone and wood look tiles reached new heights and advancements in technology created some of the largest tile formats ever seen! Marble inspirations were hot at this year’s show as well as textile tiles, which have been holding strong for many years.

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marble inspiration - tile solutions

Marble Inspiration

It’s difficult not to notice the rise in popularity we’ve seen for marble. It’s everywhere – floors, walls, countertops, and even in random accessories! It’s always been a favorite here at Tile Solutions and it seems to be a big hit with most of our customers as well. Adding a touch of marble to your home doesn’t mean you have to go all-out and tile the entire room (although who says you can’t – marble is gorgeous!) If your goal is an elegant and classy looking room, marble is sure not to disappoint.

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underfloor heating - tile solutions

Improve Your Home With Underfloor Heating

With the cold winter nights coming up, we need to turn up the heat. But are conventional heating systems really the best choice or can you save money and find a better heating solution? Underfloor heating is more efficient that other heating systems and can save energy and reduce your bills.

Low maintenance costs

One of the most popular reasons for choosing underfloor heating is simply because it barely ever requires maintenance after it has been installed. Moreover, most companies offer at least a 25 year guarantee for those rare situations when things get messy.

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