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Exterior Siding Options For Your Home

Sick of the plain, old siding on the exterior of your home and looking for ideas? You’re in for a treat! There are plenty of siding options available these days, each offering different levels of durability, ease of installation, and resistance to water. And best of all, you can definitely find something beautiful that falls in your budget!


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Vintage Honey wood tile

Why wood grain tile is better than hardwood flooring

Do you love the look of hardwood floors, but hate how easily it scratches and gets damaged? Well, there’s another option out there for you. Wood grain tiles! Advances in the tile industry have made it possible to produce tiles that look exactly like wood but give all the benefits of tile. Tile Solutions has a huge variety of wood tile lines that offer you the beauty and comfort of hardwood but come the high performance qualities of tile.

Here’s why wood look flooring is gaining popularity over traditional hardwood.
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Ideas For Your Bathroom Layout


Designing a bathroom can be challenging and quite possibly the reason for a massive headache. Our guide to designing a functional and beautiful bathroom layout will help you achieve the space your family desperately needs.
Whether it’s a remodeling job or a new building, designing the bathroom is one of the most important tasks and requires thorough planning. Think about your needs. How many people will be using the bathroom? Do you need seating space for your daily makeup routine in the bathroom? Do you want a separate shower and bath area? What kind of items will you need to store in the bathroom? There’s a lot you need to think about!

Once you know what you want from your bathroom, you’ve got a better idea about the space, number of sinks and size of tub needed.

With this information in mind, you can begin placing key elements in this room – the tub, shower, toilet, sink. We’ve included three popular bathroom designs below to give you inspiration.

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Top 5 Tile Trends For 2016!

It’s reno time! Looking to bring a new look into your home, but you aren’t sure what’s in and what’s not? We’ve got you covered.  Figuring out the right style and design for your home is tough and it doesn’t get any easier with all the products available out there! That’s why we’ve rounded up the top tile trends that are going to take 2016 by storm, with strong emphasis on textures and patterns.

Creative Tile Patterns

Patterns have been popular in the past and they’re making a comeback this year too. Not sure which pattern to go for? A classic herringbone design will add drama to any room. Chevron, basketweave and windmill patterns are some other designs you might want to consider.

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How to pick the grout colour for your tiles?


When preparing for a kitchen or bathroom renovation many people can spend days picking the right tile. After you’ve picked the right floor or wall tile, it’s important you pick the perfect grout colour to complement your choice in tile.

Why do we use grout?

Grout is an essential part of installing tiles. Grout help ensure the bond together tiles and it prevents the corners of tiles from chipping. For more information about the technical details of grout visit our education centre. Alongside to the practical uses of tiles, grout can also add aesthetics to your home. The colour of grout you choose can help highlight the beautiful tiles in your home.

Choosing the Grout Colour for Your Tiles
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stone veneer

Classic Trends: Stone Veneer

Who doesn’t love a rustic, warm living room with the perfect stone veneer to complement their fireplace? This decorative, earthy covering accents many interior and exterior wall coverings.

What is stone veneer you may ask? Well it is simply a synthetic cladding product that replicates the appearance of natural stone. Stone veneers are low-cost, easy to install and durable, which makes them the perfect candidate to complement your fireplace or any appropriate wall space inside or outside of your home.

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Pencil Rails and Chair Rails in the Home

Pencil and chair rails add a sense of proportion and a refined impression to your home. These pieces are used for both adding another dimension of decoration to your walls as well as protecting them from dings and scratches. They work well in the kitchen, dining room, bathroom or any room you would like to decorate.

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Subway Tiles

Subway tiles have certainly stood the test of time. Subway tiles became popular over one hundred years ago in the early 1900’s when New York decided to use this tile pattern when decorating the brand new subway system. Today, subway tiles continue to be a popular choice for modern kitchens and bathrooms.

Traditionally, subway tiles were ceramic tiles and 3” x 6” in size, arranged horizontally in a brick pattern. Today in addition to ceramic, they are also made from glass. They’re available in small sizes such as 1” x 3” to large sizes of 6” x 12” and come in a wide variety of vivid colours. People are also using subway tiles in different patterns such as a straight line grid and stacked up vertically along shower walls. Finishes can vary from matte to crackle to glossy. For more tile patterns visit our flooring pattern page.

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Pier Navy 06"x36"

The Modern Faux Wood Tile Trend

fauxwoodFor decades, homeowners have adorned the look of wooden flooring. The rustic brown colour of wood provides a sense of comfort and warmth in many homes. However, in today’s flooring industry, many porcelain tiles are perfectly imitating the appearance of hardwood.

These Faux wood tiles are preferred over organic wood due to their greater durability and simple maintenance. Whereas natural wood tiles are prone to chipping, scratching and stains, their faux wood counterparts can withstand such damage. A simple measure to maintain these tiles would be to frequently sweep with a broom. As a result, faux wood tiles provide homeowners with the advantage of the rustic wooden appearance, minus the hassle of constant maintenance.

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