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How to choose Medallions tile for your home?

In the first months of 2018, Medallion tiles have proved itself as a popular trend on social websites including Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook… The popular tiles can be applied on any surfaces including wall, kitchen floor or living room and hallways, literally anywhere you want. This typical tile usually comes with square or round shape and various patterns.


By installing Medallions in the entryways or hallways, homeowner can create positive impressions whenever the guest steps into the house. Instead of plain marble or simple design, this piece of art offers a huge range of selection with a vintage and elegant look for your space.enterance mm0053232

Focal point for an open space

If you are the one that always look for something special and remarkable for your house then you can create a center point in living room with Medallion. It offers decoration for your house, a masterpiece that will stay a lifetime.pm1113232

Things to notice when applying Medallions

As a general rule, the size of diameter of medallion should be suitable with your wall décor or furniture in the room.  To keep a balanced look for a medium size room, the proportions of medallion size and the empty space should be carefully considered.

There are many types and shapes of Medallions; therefore, it is important to choose the one that fit your house décor or your style. The Medallions which coordinated with your wall colors will bring a vintage and upscale look for your home.

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