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Finance your next home renovation with Accord D – Desjardins

If you’re planning to renovate your home, you should be well aware that home renovations often take longer than expected and can come with unexpected costs. At Tile Solutions we offer financing plans for all of our tile and flooring products. All of our financing plans are available with Accord D Desjardins and applying for financing can be done at our tile showrooms located in Mississauga, Burlington and North York.

Affordable Financing Plans Designed to suit any budget. Choose either:

    1. Equal installment financing plan
    1. Deferred payment financing plan
    1. Combined or deferred equal monthly installment financing plan

How Do I Apply For A Home Credit Card?

Simply go into your nearest Tile Solutions Showroom and apply.

Upon applying to finance your Tile Solutions purchases with Accord D Desjardins, you will receive a Visa Desjardins card, which is subjected to approval by Desjardins. 

For more information about financing please call: 905 890 6666