How to pick the grout colour for your tiles?


When preparing for a kitchen or bathroom renovation many people can spend days picking the right tile. After you’ve picked the right floor or wall tile, it’s important you pick the perfect grout colour to complement your choice in tile.

Why do we use grout?

Grout is an essential part of installing tiles. Grout help ensure the bond together tiles and it prevents the corners of tiles from chipping. For more information about the technical details of grout visit our education centre. Alongside to the practical uses of tiles, grout can also add aesthetics to your home. The colour of grout you choose can help highlight the beautiful tiles in your home.

Choosing the Grout Colour for Your Tiles

When choosing the grout colour of your tiles many people choose to a grout colour which blends with their tiles or contrast their tiles. If you decide to pick a grout colour that blends the colour of your tile you this will ensure your tiles appear seamless throughout the room. The second option is to choose a grout colour that contrasts your tiles. This will frame each of your tiles which allow your eyes to outline each tile individually. This design principal is more often used when installing decorative tiles.

Whether you choose to pick a grout colour that contrasts orslate_tile1 blends with your tiles, it’s important that you take time when deciding which grout colour you decide to choose. If you need help finding the perfect grout colour, feel free to drop by a Tile Solutions near you and speak with one of our tile specialist. We’re located at the boarder of Mississauga and Brampton.

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