Ideas For Your Bathroom Layout


Designing a bathroom can be challenging and quite possibly the reason for a massive headache. Our guide to designing a functional and beautiful bathroom layout will help you achieve the space your family desperately needs.
Whether it’s a remodeling job or a new building, designing the bathroom is one of the most important tasks and requires thorough planning. Think about your needs. How many people will be using the bathroom? Do you need seating space for your daily makeup routine in the bathroom? Do you want a separate shower and bath area? What kind of items will you need to store in the bathroom? There’s a lot you need to think about!

Once you know what you want from your bathroom, you’ve got a better idea about the space, number of sinks and size of tub needed.

With this information in mind, you can begin placing key elements in this room – the tub, shower, toilet, sink. We’ve included three popular bathroom designs below to give you inspiration.

Popular bathroom layouts


Full bath

One of the most common bath layouts is the 9’ x 5’ space with a vanity, toilet, and tub-shower combo. This narrow floor plan is a great option for small spaces. It helps reduce construction costs because plumbing fixtures are all contained with one wall.

You can personalize your space using a furniture style vanity or a floating vanity. Or you can replace the tub with a large shower. These replacements will make the space feel even bigger.


101779478.jpg.rendition-minBonus space

Another great option places the vanity and toilet on one side and the tub or shower on the opposite wall. This option typically offers more styling opportunities and a bigger vanity size. You can place a double vanity, offering more countertop and storage space.

If you want a separate tub and shower this floor plan allows for it. Or if you need more storage space, you can get a large walk in shower or tub and place a tall linen closet in the rest of the space.



101725043.jpg.rendition-minPosh bath

For a more luxurious bathroom, you can spread out the main bath fixtures. Place the bathtub under a window, add a double vanity and even include a walk in shower. Moreover, you can close off a small area for the toilet, adding a nice feature and extra privacy, all the while maintaining the decorative appeal of the space.

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