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Improve Your Home With Underfloor Heating

With the cold winter nights coming up, we need to turn up the heat. But are conventional heating systems really the best choice or can you save money and find a better heating solution? Underfloor heating is more efficient that other heating systems and can save energy and reduce your bills.

Low maintenance costs

One of the most popular reasons for choosing underfloor heating is simply because it barely ever requires maintenance after it has been installed. Moreover, most companies offer at least a 25 year guarantee for those rare situations when things get messy.

Energy efficiency

This flooring system is a lot more efficient that old fashioned radiators and consequently saves you in utility bills. With even heat distribution throughout the floor you get better heating and use less energy to maintain that warmth. However, it’s wise to have an efficiency test before installing the system as this will assess the overall efficiency of your home insulation and ensure you get optimal results.

Moreover, each room gets its own dedicated thermostat, allowing everyone the ability to control the heat to their liking. It’s great for those people who usually feel colder than others!

Open living space

Let’s be honest – most heating systems take up space and are never going to win points for their aesthetic quality. And they always get in the way of your interior décor!

Naturally, underfloor heating eliminates the need for any other heating system, freeing up space and letting you add more furniture or just leaving the room looking more spacious.

With winter coming up, underfloor heating should definitely be something to consider. But keep in mind different flooring will give you different results, since different materials have different heat transferring capabilities. Tile and stone retain heat really well and are generally the best options when it comes to underfloor heating. See our wide range of tiles and give your home the best it deserves.

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