Pencil Rails and Chair Rails in the Home

Pencil and chair rails add a sense of proportion and a refined impression to your home. These pieces are used for both adding another dimension of decoration to your walls as well as protecting them from dings and scratches. They work well in the kitchen, dining room, bathroom or any room you would like to decorate.

Pencil rails are thin strips of material that are generally used to transition between different sizes of tiles or textures. They are also an excellent option for bordering mosaic tiles and other decorative wall pieces.

Typically chair rails are used mainly for protecting walls from chairs bumping into them. They run horizontally along the wall, breaking it into a top section and bottom section for a separated look. The correct placement for a chair rail is roughly the bottom third of the wall height.

Both chair and pencil rails are made out of various natal stones, such as marble, granite, onyx and travertine. These natural stones have interesting patterns and provide extra definition to your walls in any room.

If you’re interesting in purchasing pencil or chair rails for your home or have a specific question you would like answered, stop by a Tile Solutions, our showrooms are located across the Greater Toronto Area.


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