Heating and cooling natural clay produces the material from which ceramic tile is made. It’s a popular tile choice at Tile Solutions because of the vast number of colors, shapes, sizes, finishes and textures that are available. When it comes to tile flooring, many people opt for ceramics not only for appearance, but also for cost effectiveness and easy maintenance. This is because ceramic tiles require no special cleaning solutions, are generally stain resistant, and do not require refinishing.

At Tile Solutions, we carry both unpolished & polished ceramic tiles. The difference between the two ceramic tiles is that the unpolished tiles are grounded and blended to a fine powder, mixed with water and pressed together to form the body of the tile. The pressed clay body is then dried; after the tiles are dried, for a polished ceramic tile, the tile is coated with a coloured glaze which is then permanently fused to the surface of the tile by firing it in kilns to form the finished product and a very different look from that of unglazed tiles.

For more information on choosing the perfect ceramic tile for your home, visit a Tile Solutions’ showroom in Mississauga, North York or Burlington.