onyx tiles


Tile Solutions has what you need for your dream bar, kitchen island or fireplace that you’ve always imagined in your home. If you’re interested in adding some unique tiles in your home, consider adding onyx tiles. Onyx tile can be used in many projects, such as wall cladding, residential floors, tables, sinks and tubs.

Onyx is a semi-precious form of chalcedony which has alternating straight bands of color, most commonly brown, red, white, and black. A chalcedony stone must be milky, and translucent to transparent, often with layers or bands of color. This luxurious and glamorous stone is mostly used in kitchens and family rooms because it can elegantly transmit light.

If you have any questions about onyx tiles, contact us! We can help you find the best Onyx tile for your home renovation. Tile Solutions serves property owners all across the GTA.