Subway Tiles

Subway tiles have certainly stood the test of time. Subway tiles became popular over one hundred years ago in the early 1900’s when New York decided to use this tile pattern when decorating the brand new subway system. Today, subway tiles continue to be a popular choice for modern kitchens and bathrooms.

Traditionally, subway tiles were ceramic tiles and 3” x 6” in size, arranged horizontally in a brick pattern. Today in addition to ceramic, they are also made from glass. They’re available in small sizes such as 1” x 3” to large sizes of 6” x 12” and come in a wide variety of vivid colours. People are also using subway tiles in different patterns such as a straight line grid and stacked up vertically along shower walls. Finishes can vary from matte to crackle to glossy. For more tile patterns visit our flooring pattern page.

What makes subway tiles timeless? Staying simple and classic. Looking great because of clean lines, subway tiles are known for being both durable and stain resistant in nature. They also create a waterproof barrier for bathrooms and humid areas, along with making an excellent choice for a kitchen backsplash.

Maintenance is also a breeze. Subway tiles are long and rectangular with only a very thin line of grout surrounding them. This provides a large surface and maximizes the area that can be easily cleaned. These thin grout lines are much easier to clean than other tiles with wider grout lines that attract dirt.

You can’t go wrong with subway tiles, they simply look amazing. Whether you go for an expensive line or a more cost effective option, your refreshed room will exude a classic look while giving you a luxurious feel.

If you’re interesting in purchasing subway tiles for your home or have a specific question you would like answered, stop by a Tile Solutions, our showrooms are located across the Greater Toronto Area.



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