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The Modern Faux Wood Tile Trend

fauxwoodFor decades, homeowners have adorned the look of wooden flooring. The rustic brown colour of wood provides a sense of comfort and warmth in many homes. However, in today’s flooring industry, many porcelain tiles are perfectly imitating the appearance of hardwood.

These Faux wood tiles are preferred over organic wood due to their greater durability and simple maintenance. Whereas natural wood tiles are prone to chipping, scratching and stains, their faux wood counterparts can withstand such damage. A simple measure to maintain these tiles would be to frequently sweep with a broom. As a result, faux wood tiles provide homeowners with the advantage of the rustic wooden appearance, minus the hassle of constant maintenance.

Differentiating between a natural wood floor and a porcelain faux wood floor is quite difficult. These porcelain tiles will not only prove to have a longer lifespan than natural wood flooring, but also offer more colours and shade variation.

These trendy tiles are rapidly gaining notoriety and are finding themselves in more homes than ever. Additionally, homeowners can install wood like tiles in areas where real wood is not recommended. Faux wood tiles are a great addition to kitchen floors and living rooms to neutralize other bold colours and patterns. Recently, many commercial businesses such as restaurants and retailers have been utilizing these faux wood porcelain tiles for their high traffic durability. Outdoor patios are also use of these tiles due to their frost resistant properties.

The low maintenance, durable, moisture resistant, and scratch resistant nature of porcelain tiles make them the perfect replacement for hardwood flooring. Come stop by our showroom and check them out yourself!

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