Tile Installation + Tile Maintenance


While buying the right tile for your renovations is a critical decision when planning a home renovation, there are also other important products needed to ensure your renovation is smooth sailing.

Choosing the right building materials for your future renovation is important and will depend on your home needs. It’s important to pay attention to the building materials used under your tile, as certain cements can only be used for specific tile sizes or surfaces. When installing wall tiles it’s important to use a cement with more polymer to ensure the tile will stay placed on the wall without slippage.

Once your renovation is complete it is also important to preserve your tiles. While tiles need very little work to maintain their look in comparison to hardwood and laminate floors, certain cleaning products can help you ensure your tiles remain in the same condition as when you purchased them. Finding the right cleaning product will depend on the tile material.

For more information about buying the right building material or tile maintenance products visit a Tile Solutions showroom and speak with one of our sale associates.