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Tile Trends for 2017

This year at Cersaie, a leading flooring tradeshow, tile suppliers revealed the upcoming tile trends for 2017. Fresh styles emerged as materials were combined together in ways never done before. Traditional stone and wood look tiles reached new heights and advancements in technology created some of the largest tile formats ever seen! Marble inspirations were hot at this year’s show as well as textile tiles, which have been holding strong for many years.


In 2016, large format tiles were the craze. Sizes such as 24” x 24” became increasingly popular and could be found in many homes. This year tile formats have gone up a notch. Forget 24” x 24”, 2017 is bringing even larger formats, going up to 3’ x 10’ – and they’re commercially rated! Not only are these tiles a much larger format than ever seen before, they’re also much thinner than traditional tiles at only 5mm thickness. This new technology is creating exciting design options for both commercial and residential spaces. For a massive accent wall that needs a bit of help, these tiles are perfect!



TREND #2: WOOD-LOOK TILESwood-look tile

Wood-look is the largest selling category in the tile industry right now. It looks more authentic than ever and offers unmatched durability. It’s now a standard offering rather alongside some of our best-loved tile, but that’s just the beginning. As far as design and style, wood-look goes with everything from rustic to the cleanest contemporary and it is the tie that binds different styles together in an eclectic whole. It can work in an urban loft as easily as it can in a traditional kitchen.



Tile with metal or textile looks and finishes are the big news for 2017. Metal has been growing as a favorite for a few years. The color offerings are getting better and finishes are now available in matte or light polishes. Metal-look tile is more authentic yet also offers styles that you can’t get anywhere else like metal-influenced concrete looks.

Textile-look tile is always around and is a great fallback. But in 2017, they will breathe life into design. Linens, tweeds, tartans, and patterns will all make an appearance. That’s right! The soft and subtle textures of linen, silk and more on your tough, sturdy tile floor. These fabric replicas offer a soft look with a lasting, dependable floor. You still get the easy maintenance and cleanup of tile, but your floors look like cozy linen or expensive silk.

bali fabric tile


We can’t talk about trends without stopping to mention marble. White marble still takes the cake, but 2017 will see many more colored marbles gaining popularity in design. Grey, beige, black, and brown marble are hot contenders with classic white marble.

Another favorite stone for 2017 will be anything monochromatic with minimal movement or graphics like limestone and monochromatic slate. Stone in multiple sizes, shapes, and finishes will be in high demand.

marble tile

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