How To Upgrade Your Kitchen On A Budget

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home and it’s true! An updated kitchen can make a huge difference in the look of the home as well as the real estate value. And don’t be caught up in the dollar signs, affordable kitchen renovations aren’t just a myth! You definitely can get a gorgeous kitchen in $500, it’s just about being creative and willing to getting your hands dirty. So if you’re tired of your lack-luster kitchen, be assured that investing in your kitchen is a wise decision.

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Brand new cabinets are a HUGE cost. Save your money and go the paint route. Painting cabinets is easy, saves you a chunk of money, and totally transforms the look of the kitchen. Go with neutral tones for cabinets. Warm paint colors, such as oranges and reds will make the space look smaller and you don’t want that.

Some great cabinet paint color options by Benjamin Moore include:

  • Fieldstone
  • Snowfall
  • Gray Owl
  • Boothbay Gray
  • Pigeon Gray

affordable kitchen renovationPAINT YOUR WALLS

A fresh coat of paint on the walls makes a world of a difference. Not only does it leave the kitchen looking brand new, it brings a huge change in the overall look.

Great wall paint color options include:

  • Dove White by Benjamin Moore
  • Sherwin Williams Sea Salt
  • Collonade Gray by Sherwin Williamsaffordable kitchen upgrades


There are plenty of affordable hardware options available that will transform your cabinets and leave them looking new. Hinges, cabinet knobs and faucets can all be replaced to add new detail in the kitchen. While this is one of the bigger costs in the budget, it’s so totally worth it because the tiny details make a huge difference.

kitchen cabinet paint



When upgrading your kitchen, adding a backsplash can be an inexpensive way to change the feel of the entire space. It comes in various materials such as glass, marble, and mosaic and lets you add color and depth to your kitchen design. Find affordable backsplash options here.

kitchen backsplash


Light fixtures are one of those things that often get overlooked in renovations, but are worth the investment. Light fixtures add personality and good lighting is so necessary in any space! If you’re splurging in other areas of your budget, go for a more affordable option in lighting. It doesn’t need to be extravagant to look good.

Kitchen renovation on a budget


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