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Marble Inspiration

It’s difficult not to notice the rise in popularity we’ve seen for marble. It’s everywhere – floors, walls, countertops, and even in random accessories! It’s always been a favorite here at Tile Solutions and it seems to be a big hit with most of our customers as well. Adding a touch of marble to your home doesn’t mean you have to go all-out and tile the entire room (although who says you can’t – marble is gorgeous!) If your goal is an elegant and classy looking room, marble is sure not to disappoint.


In our opinion, polished marble is perfect for use on countertops or walls due to its glossy finish which bounces light around and creates a feeling of space.

We’re particularly fond of the trend of combining marble with copper or other metals. Together they create a contrasting look that somehow works really well, especially when it comes to accessories. Try using a single marble tile as a drinks stand or as a base to place all your jewellery on. Due to the soothing feel of marble, it’s the perfect backdrop to almost any interior style and brings a sense of luxury and calm to a room.


Carrara marble is one of the more famous white materials, popularized during the roman empire. Restaurants, cafes, homes … you’ll see it everywhere. Other materials include Calacatta, a more heavily veined marble, but just as popular and elegant. With so many marbles available in the market, it really comes down to your preference of heavy or light veining.

In recent years, quartz has also been popularized because of its low maintenance. And by doing so, companies have been trying to imitate the marble look to boost sales. In the end there can only be so many variations of the imitation marble before you start seeing the same pattern over and over again.


Yes marble is a natural material and can stain as well as chip and scratch. And yes it certainly etches (colorless looking watermarks). However, sealing it properly and taking good care can prevent staining.

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