forest black wood tile

The Tile Effect

Finding the right flooring for your home is tough, especially when you have pets and kids running around the house! While many flooring options are available these days tiles have stood the test of time. Hardy, waterproof and easy to maintain, porcelain tiles are fast becoming the material of choice throughout the home. That’s very largely due to advances in inkjet technology, which now offer the ability to create numerous designs, patterns, shapes and sizes.

Ski series - porcelain tile

Stone effect:

Stone effect porcelain tiles are a practical choice over real stone. It’s easier to maintain, fit and costs a lot less. And best of all, you can get the stone effect in many different styles including marble, travertine, onyx and stone itself. For a more authentic look and feel, new technology even allows us to replicate the texture and natural variation of stone.

Ski is the perfect example of new technology. This porcelain tile uses a specialist glaze that recreates the structure of stone in a large format. The variation in veining gives it an authentic look, making it perfect for those looking for either a rustic country kitchen or an industrial inspired living room.

Vintage Honey wood tile


The most common flooring in living areas of the home is wood, however everyone knows the upkeep of wood is a nightmare! Having to varnish them twice a year is hard enough, worse if you have pets (or heels) scratching it every time they pass through. Porcelain wood-effect tiles closely replicate the texture and grains of wood while being resistant to scratching and stains. Now you can have the practicality of tiles in your living room without it feeling cold and empty.

bali fabric tile


The latest effect in tile, these porcelain tiles copy the knit and weave of fabric, a great antidote for those who love carpet but hate the high maintenance. Available in various patterns, weaves and colour tones, fabric tiles create a statement both on the floor and wall.

Effect tiles are great for blending into your home and creating depth and personality. Experiment with different looks and take advantage of these hardy porcelain tiles.

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